You have entered the Lost Realm...

Lost Realm is a BBS (Bulletin Board System) setup to run Door games. These 'Doors' are games that are text based and rendered in ANSI (specaial character graphics). The BBS itself can be accessed through telnet. For the best experience please use a true ANSI (IBM extended charset) client

Current Games

  • Doors
    • Legend Of the Red Dragon
      • LORD 4.06
      • SpeedLORD
    • Planets TEOS 2.02 Extended
    • Exitilus 2.05
    • Usurper 0.20e
    • Pimp Wars 1.41
Coming Soon
  • ChaosLORD
    • Post on the forum to join the closed beta

How to Connect


How to Register and Play

After you Connect to the BBS:

  • Log in as New
  • Color Terminal: Yes
  • IBM Extended ASCII: Yes
  • Enter any information you like
  • Enter a different password: Try to remember it!
  • When you are asked to review your User Settings press Q for Quit
  • Select No for email and message scans
  • At the main menu (Centre) press 'D' for Doors
  • The first time you login a Game you will need to create a character
  • After creating a BBS account you can create a Forum account and get access to the Doors sections
  • If you have any problem with your account, please post on the forum for assistance


  • admins AT lost DASH realm DOT net